I do think that drawing is the basis of art and design and I work on the premise that drawing practise is really important. I tackle a range of subjects in line. Black fibre tipped pen is a favourite. These results can be lovely in themselves, but all the work put in means that it becomes more natural to be able to construct more complex art work. For under a more abstract representation of landscape in painting for example is the ability to draw, that is to construct space - and time too if you feel in a philosophical mood. So time, space and colour combined are key elements of an art work to my way of thinking.


Waiting on the station on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire railway..


Old cottages Dursley, Silver St above and tower of St James Church, Dursley below.

Washday to the right.

Old teapot below.

Cotswold landscape further below.

And suburban gardens Dursley below that.

This is Newton Ferris, south Devon, you may recognise the cottages. I spent a good deal of time in Devon in the past especially within range of Plymouth. As regards this scene, there is a small ferry that takes you across the water to the headland on the left hand side.