This page features photographs and art works all relating to churches. Almost all of these works are of Gloucestershire churches. However, the line drawing three steps down with yellow and green highlights, is an original drawing of the bridge bordering the grounds of the ancient Abbey at Bury St Edmunds. The monks had a fish pond just nearby.

Many of my church visits in Gloucestershire were accompanied by an expert in church architecture. So I hope this knowledge and appreciation can be seen in photographs, drawings, sketches and paintings below. It remains a great wonder today as to how these masterpieces of architecture were constructed in medieval times: how funds were raised for the buildings, craftsmen commissioned. and how bells for example were hauled up church towers at all given their extreme weight.

The very first thing I learned about photography is that, "it is all about light". This is especially applicable to churches I think because certain dimensions of strong light can bring up the extraordinary constructions so beautifully. I try to look for different angles from which to photograph and especially to step back sometimes from the standard view point whereby the photographer is almost always "looking up". There is at least one photograph below which was taken from the very top of a tower of a Gloucestershire church, so this is naturally looking down and across. I am also interested in interior details for example, bosses, kneelers, windows, doors and key holes. These also have a story of art to tell.


Historic Gloucestershire church

Kempley church

(there is small dog bottom left)